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Polish regions prepare for possible influx of refugees from Ukraine

Mariusz Kaminski /

Poland is preparing for a possible influx of refugees from Ukraine, the Minister of Interior and Administration of Poland Mariusz Kaminski wrote on Twitter:

"Obviously, due to the situation in Ukraine, we are preparing for various scenarios. One of them is the actions of the voivods related to a possible influx of refugees from Ukraine, who may seek asylum in our country because of the possible conflict.

On the evening of February 11, the heads of Western countries held online talks on the situation around Ukraine. They noted the reality of a military attack on Ukraine by Russia as early as next week and stressed the importance of dialogue with the Kremlin.

According to US President Joe Biden, Russia's attack on Ukraine will begin in the very near future, on February 16. Putin's decision, which he allegedly told the Russian military, was also reported by American PBS television, citing sources in Western countries.

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