Polish minority union to hold congress on March 14 in Hrodna

The 7th congress of the Union of Poles in Belarus will be opened on Saturday March 14 in Hrodna. Anzhalika Borys, the chairwoman of the Polish minority union, not recognized by the Belarusian authorities, hopes the event will become another step to normalize the situation around the association.  Borys described as a success the organization's work that has preserved the structures of the union over the past four years, even in the conditions of persecution of activists.

She noted that in the recent years she had numerously tried to engage in a dialogue with the authorities and have the union registered. However, she came to a conclusion that the legalization of the union totally depends on the political will of the official Minsk.

Belapan reminds that in 2005 the Justice Ministry of Belarus did not recognize as legitimate a new leadership of the Union of Poles in Belarus headed by Anzhalika Borys, elected by the 6th congress of the association. The authorities pushed for another congress which elected Josef Luchnik as the union chairman. However, many members of the Union of Poles followed Anzhalika Borys.