Poles in Belarus vote for Kaczynski


The opposition Civic Platform party is set for a landlside win in Poland's parliamentary elections, head two years ahead of schedule. According to the Polish Central Electoral Commission, Donald Tusk's party is taking a strong lead with nearly 42 percent, with most of the votes already counted. The ruling Right and Justice comes the secind with 32 percent. The third is Left and Democrats bloc led by former president Alexander Kwasniewski (13 percent). The Polish Peasants' Party is in the tail of the rae with less than 9 percent.

The Polish citizens that live in Belarus also took part in the vote. Three polling stations were open in Brest, Hrodna and Minsk. Out of 297 registered voters, 210 cast their ballots.

Different from Poland, the Poles in Belarus voted mainly for Yaroslaw Kachynski's party. In Brest and Hrodna, most of the voters backed his Law and Justice party. In Minsk, Donald Tusk's Civic Platform became the winner.