Plants get back to 4-day working week after election

The plant is part of the holding BelautaMAZ and is one of the biggest producers of car units in Belarus. It is the second biggest enterprise in the holding after Minsk Car Plant.

The plant had been working for 4 days a week for a long time before the election, an Asipovichy worker told However, the 5-day week was returned before the presidential election. But now the plant is getting back to the 4-day working week. The next Friday has been postponed until December. The other Fridays may also become days-off.

MAZ CEO Dzmitry Katsyarynich visited Asipovichy not long ago, the worker said. He claimed that the enterprise was unprofitable and had to look for product markets on its own.


Over 2000 people will become unemployed if the plant goes bankrupt. They will have no chance to find jobs in Asipovichy.