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Photo fact: Belarusian spacemen Klimuk, Kavalyonak and Navitski meet near Minsk


Belarusian spacemen Pyotr Klimuk, Uladzimir Kavalyonak and Aleh Navitski have gathered together not far from Minsk.  They opened the exhibition hall Space together with PM Andrei Kabyakou and secretary of the Security Council Stanislau Zas on June 4 at Minsk flying club in Baravaya village.

There will be unique exhibits at the hall – Pyotr Klimuk’s spacesuit, the apparatus that helped Soyz to land, space meal packs, rare documents and photos, BELTA reports.

Belarusians were among the founders of space exploration, Stanislu Saz said. The opening of an exhibition hall dedicated to space is a tribute to those who were ‘the architects of the sphere’, he noted.

The copies of two Belarusian satellites will be delivered to the exhibition hall soon.