“Phosphorus disaster” getting more dangerous because of rains


Four damaged tank-trucks are being loaded in special containers on the site of the train accident in Lvov Region. The train was transporting yellow phosphorus.
The Ukrainian Emergency Control Ministry Informed about it. 5 tank-trucks were rendered harmless in the same way on July 20. Closure of cracks in the other ditched tank-trucks is being performed now.

However, the worsening weather in Lvov Region – showers, thunder storms, hail and gust – may render support of the protection layer created over the spilt phosphorus to avoid its contact with air and its possible ignition difficult. The Emergency Control ministry promises to do everything to control the situation.

As ERB informed, 15 tank-trucks with yellow phosphorus got ditched near the Azhydziu station of Lvov railway in Buski District on July 16. 5 of them caught fire. The train arrived from Kazakhstan and was heading for Poland. It had 58 tank-trucks 15 of which were filled with yellow phosphorus.