Pavel Sevyarynets: BCD will not become an opposition party

One of the leaders of the steering committee for creation of the BCD Pavel Sevyarynets has claimed that the “Belarusian Christian Democracy” party will not be an opposition party. The statement was made at the organizational meeting of the BCD on February 28.

"The BCD is not an opposition party; it is an alternative to the events taking place in Belarus now. Many people think and say that it is impossible to live like we do today. We are trying to show that you can live better is you follow the ten tables mentioned in the Bible”, - claimed P.Sevyarynets. The BCD is meant to become “a political force and a party of winners”. “We do not want to create the party only to fill in the niche meant for us. We are going to become a party that will denote the basis of the Belarusian politics on biblical principles”, - claimed P.Sevyarynets.

One of the leaders of the steering committee for the creation of the BCD Vital Rymasheuski noted that the statute of the party provided for equal attitude to all the religions and creeds party members adhered to. It will be forbidden to create any particular religious structures within the party”.