Parliamentary candidate Zmitser Kazakevich brutally detained in Kurapaty

Screenshot from Dzyanis Ivashyn’s video / Facebook
Screenshot from Dzyanis Ivashyn’s video / Facebook

Parliamentary candidate Zmitser Kazakevich and five participants of Kurapaty defense have  been brutally detained near the restaurant “Poedem, poedim” today, journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn reports on Facebook.

Kazakevich and Rubtsou tried entering the territory of the restaurant ‘to meet with potential voters’, Ivashyn said. However, the guards did not let them in and called the police. The attempt to prevent the activists from entering the restaurant resulted in a fight that went on even when the police had already arrived.  A police minibus approached the gate of the restaurant a few minutes later. The detained were brought to Baraulyany District Department of the Interior (responsible for Kurapaty and its whereabouts).

Besides Kazakevich, Valer Rabtsou, Maksim and Dzyanis Urbanovich, Vital Tryhubau and minor Ilarion Trusau were detained. Ilarion was let off when the police report had been finished. The inspector is planning to go to court to decide whether he should be sent to a special closed institution, the teenager said.

Zmitser Kazakevich is a member of the unauthorized BCD Party. He is running for MP in Svislach constituency #94 in Minsk. He represents the United Civil Party at the election.

The traditional manifestation dated for Dzyady has been held in Minsk today. The manifestation always ends in Kurapaty. Nobody has been detained there.