Nyaklyayeu: Today we need people who are able to lie down on the runway

Някляеў: Сёння нам патрэбныя людзі, здольныя легчы на пасадачную паласу

The protest against the deployment of the Russian airbase in Belarus attracted several hundred participants. Among ordinary Belarusians Euroradio found famous  politicians, writers and artists, and asked them, in what they see a threat of the Russian air base and  would the government listen to the views expressed at the Freedom Square regarding its placement.​

Rally against Russian base -- photo reportage

Някляеў: Сёння нам патрэбныя людзі, здольныя легчы на пасадачную паласу

Aliaksandr Milinkevich, politician, leader of the Movement 'For Freedom'

"I know that in the country all have the same attitude towards this base, because democracy can be a long fight, and independence can be lost in one night. But as always there is an issue of solidarity: there is not enough awareness, so that all felt this danger and believed that only we can do it, and no-one can do it for us. I do not think that there is one event, one organization or one leader who could stop this (deployment of the Russian airbase in Belarus - Euroradio)... The authorities also probably do not want to have this base, because the base means the end of all the talks with Europe, possibilities of cooperation in order to carry out reforms. Without the European money it will be very difficult. That's why the issues is not about desire, but the opportunities. Our position should be as follows: people and not the authorities are the masters on this land. Authorities come and go, but the people have to fight. I think that not all Belarusians believe that something depends on them, although they do understand the danger."

Някляеў: Сёння нам патрэбныя людзі, здольныя легчы на пасадачную паласу

Uladzimir Arlou, writer

"Today I recalled one communique of a General to Catherine II, written in the middle of the XVIII century, from Belarus, when there were already Russian troops. He wrote that "the presence of our troops in this land, the Empress, gives the correct line of thought to the local inhabitants." I think that a great number of our compatriots have already gone tired of this line of thought and an almost infinite presence of Russian troops. A few days ago, some broadcaster recorded my New Year's greetings. So I came to them with a small cannon ball that I found on the site of the Polonkovskaya Battle of 1660, when between Baranavichy and Slonim our troops defeated the army of the Moscow governor Khovanskii. And I wished to Belarusians and eastern neighbors to keep out of here with their bases and decrees, because it may end up for them like it did for Khovanskii near Polonka."

Някляеў: Сёння нам патрэбныя людзі, здольныя легчы на пасадачную паласу

Ales Pushkin, artist:

"Look, Transnistria is a poor, downtrodden country, created by the war and the Russian bases, Tskhinvali - the same: poor Ossetia, but there is also a Russian military base, Ukraine, Crimea - another fact for you. Thus, based on these facts, any base: NATO or Russia - is a bad thing. Therefore, Belarus should have an anti-molitary status. Trade, logistics - these must be taken care of. And I do not believe that our sky must be sold to Russia, because NATO fighters would supposedly fly there and invade our airspace. We have the 181th separate helicopter base engaged in patrolling, we have in Lida our own squadron - this is enough. When I served, I was at a military base on the territory of another State - you see this? (showing certificate of a soldier who served outside the territory of the USSR - Euroradio). I was an invader! Of course, today's event is wonderful, directed against the Russian bases, but it got replaced with the creation of some sort of another dead structure (during the rally, on the initiative of Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu, the participants are invited to vote for the creation of the movement "For the Statehood and Independence of Belarus", of which the head, on the proposal of Mikalai Statkevich, becomes Nyaklyayeu - Euroradio). Why the downed pilots are meeting again? They should not be put into combat vehicles, I do not believe that their machine will fight. Another imitation of activity!"

Някляеў: Сёння нам патрэбныя людзі, здольныя легчы на пасадачную паласу

Mikalai Statkevich, politician

"I am pleased that there are people in our country who are not afraid, who come to an unsanctioned rally, when everyone realize that here they can get a protocol drawn up  against them. The number of such people is growing... their number increases not as fast as I would like to, but I'm sorry: there were no rallies in the city center for five years. The people have lost the habit. We will teach them how to do it again. I think that the expressed position will be communicated using you to a large number of Belarusians. And, of course, any reaction to the base will affect the situation. No reaction to the base also has a result - we do react. Perhaps, on October 10, we will react by far more people."

Някляеў: Сёння нам патрэбныя людзі, здольныя легчы на пасадачную паласу

Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu, writer, leader of the Movement "For Statehood and Independence of Belarus":

"I did not want this, but in the next two years, those who have not come, will realize that they should have done so. Because in the next two, maybe three years, somewhere in 2018, the situation will aggravate so much that Russia will take some measures to replace the today's leadership with a more pro-Russian one. After all, they are unlikely to be satisfied by even Lukashenka with his new game, which he has started, paving the Western vector. To do this, first of all, this military base is created. And I am convinced, that there will be further pressure on Lukashenka -- the Kremlin will not stop at Babruisk. Today, we need people to be able to lie down on the runway, so the planes of another country would not land there. People who could sacrifice more than the average person. So I am trying to create this movement out of these people. We will participate in all the protests, we will organize them, we will ensure that it is joined by more and more people not involved in the opposition."


Slavamir Adamovich, poet

"Against the background of the events taking place in Ukraine and Syria with the participation of Russia, placing regular military units on the territory of Belarus means to increase the threat of the involvement of Belarus in some local conflicts. And the biggest threat is to involve us in the international conflicts. Of course, the opinion of the people, expressed here in the square, will not be heard by either the Belarusian authorities or Russian authorities. But the main thing is that a sign has been made that we will not accept this so easily, that there are people who are against. It is now 400-500 or even 200 people - it does not matter. It is only active members of the society, which needs neither the base nor any other military movements here, on our land. It is unlikely that this rally will be a buffer in the way of the base, but the sign has been made."