N.R.M. rock band fans collect signatures for Lyavon Volski's return

An online petition for revival of the N.R.M. rock band in the classical squad appeared on change.org.

"Mr. Lyavon Volski, we are asking you to make up your mind and get back to the N.R.M.! - says the appeal to the former leader of the cult Belarusian rock band. - It is not a secret that the N.R.M. is the most famous and loved Belarusian rock-band. We miss the real squad of the band and long for its revival with Lyavon Volski in the band. It's hard without him." 

Lyavon Volski left the N.R.M. back in 2011. The musicians announced they would resume the musical career of the band without the leader after a long break. Since then, there have been many rumours on Volski's return, but Lyavon denies such possibility point-blank.