Notorious Monica Lewinski’s relatives found in Beshankovichy

У Бешанковічах знайшліся сваякі скандальнай Монікі Лявінскі

Notorious Monica Lewinski ‘s relatives live in Belarus. She even visited our country in 1987, Zvyazda reports.

The photo of 14-year-old Monica can even be found in of Beshankovichy history books. It shows Monica and her relatives in a boat on the Western Dvina, author Anatol Krachkouski said.

Monica Samille Lewinsky was born in San Francisco in the summer of 1973. Her uncle Mihail lived in Vitsebsk. Mihail brought his brother Benya and his daughter Monica to relatives in Beshankovichy in 1987. The photo was made then.

By the way, Marc Chagall is their relative, Mihail Lewinski claimed. Their grandfather was married to the famous writer’s sister.