Nobel Prize laureates to start being announced on Monday

У панядзелак пачнуць абвяшчаць сёлетніх лаўрэатаў Нобелеўскай прэміі

Nobel Prize 2015 laureates will start being announced on October 5. The laureate in physiology and medicine will be announced at 12.30 p.m. FET. Read more about the favourites and experts’ forecasts.

The laureate in physics will be announced on October 6 and in chemistry – on October 7.


The laureate in literature is expected to be announced on October 8. The exact date and time will be reported alter. Bookmakers are putting our compatriot Svyatlana Aleksiyevich (non-fiction genre) to the second position. Only famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami is ahead of her. Bookmakers think that his chances are 1:4.


The Nobel Peace Prize laureate will be announced on October 9 and the laureate in economics will be known on October 12.

Photo: Fernando Vergara/AP