No one wants to buy the Tsikhanouskis' apartment

The Tsikhanouskis' apartment /
The Tsikhanouskis' apartment /

The Belarusian authorities failed to find a buyer for the apartment of the Tsikhanouskis in Minsk. For this reason, the auction for its sale was not held, reports the website BelYurObespechenie.

As Euroradio reported earlier, a three-room apartment in Independence Avenue, 137/2, was put up for auction in February. The initial price of the lot was 214,860 BYN. It was noted that the apartment had registered tenants, including minors.

Commenting on the authorities' decision, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya said: "Well, the regime has already resorted to looting and banditry. This is what politicians who have lost their legitimacy become: they resort to war crimes in order to survive, imprisoning innocent people, sending their children to orphanages, stealing property, demolishing houses".

The auction was supposed to take place on March 6. But now it has reportedly been canceled.

Улады не знайшлі ахвочых набыць кватэру Ціханоўскіх

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