New hurdle for satellite TV in Belarus


Physical and legal persons in Belarus are no longer allowed to mount satellite antennas independently, under the document approved by the Council of Ministers on May 16, 2013. If a resident wishes to mount an antenna on the wall or the roof of a multi-storey block of flats, he or she must approach the local authorities. The latter will issue an official reply within one month, approving or forbidding the mounting.

If the permit is eventually granted, a Belarusian citizen must order the design and specifications and pay for the project documentation before signing an agreement with a company to mount the equipment. The acceptance protocol will have to be signed by an ad hoc commission after inidividual antennas are mounted, reports AFN.

The Council of Ministers' resolution contains no mention whether the new procedure also applies to already mounted satellite TV antennas on multi-storey blocks of flats .