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Naviband photograph for Eurovision holding Skaryna’s Bible (photo)

Photo: Naviband’s management team

Belarus’ Eurovion-2017 representatives Naviband have organized a photo session for the contest that will be held in Kiev in May. They were photographed in the ethnographic complex Zalsauye. The famous duet of photographers Yauhen Kanaplyou and Yuliya Leidik and Syarhei Vyarynski, designer working on Naviband’s image, worked with the musicians.   

The musicians were allowed to hold Skaryna’s Bible from the National Library archives for only a few minutes. The band’s fans immediately called the band ambassadors of the Belarusian culture and language to Europe.  

Naviband will be represented in three ways in the photos: static (with the Bible) and emotional (singing Story of My Life).

The musicians have almost finished the rearrangement of their contest song and will present it soon.  



Euroviosion-2017 will be held in Kiev on May 9-13. Naviband will perform in the second semifinal on May 11.