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Naviband return from Eurovision 2017. Photo report

Photo: Euroradio

Eurovision 2017 finalists Naviband have returned home. Fans, journalists, musicians Sasha Zaharyk and Alyaksandr Lipnitski, BPF leader Alyaksei Yanukevich and rabbi Ryhor Abramovich were waiting for the band at the national airport Minsk. They brought flowers and presents.

 Naviband sang Story of My Life in Belarusian and took the 17th position out of twenty six.

Naviband are not going to take part in contests anytime soon. They are planning to record a new CD. The musicians will give a solo concert near Minsk Town Hall in June.

Naviband’s autograph for an employee for the airport
Ksyusha is touched by the warm welcome
First interview at home