Nasta Mantsevich: "Do I feel like a scandalous writer?"


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beginner poetess Nasta Mantsevich has published her debut collection "Birds".
 The majority of the verses were published
in Nasta's blog earlier and her friend and editor of "Birds" Pavel
Antsipau selected them for the book. He decided to combine stories and verses
in one book - in his opinion, all of them complement one another.

caused a lot of criticism and even disputes on the Internet a few days before the




Despite all
the disputes and possible provocations the organizers were afraid of, people
who wanted to listen to Nasta Mantsevich's verses filled the whole room.

Nasta Mantsevich
was more anxious about the presentation of "Birds" than about the
discussion caused by her book. By the way, the author got to know about it all
from her friends  and was surprised a

Mantsevich: "Do I feel like a scandalous writer? Well, I have experienced this
feeling to some extent. Speaking about my book, I understand that this is a
very narrow circle and it has started boiling after the publication".