Minskers may complain about ungrounded price increase

The dollar exchange rate has increased a lot in Belarus this week. Many sellers have quickly changed their prices, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. People have already complained about it, head of the trade and services department of Minsk City Executive Committee Nina Yemelyanava said.

A man chose a refrigerator in an online shop at the weekend and ordered it. However, he was told that the price had been increased by 2 million roubles on Monday.

The Minsker complained to the trade department of Minsk City Executive Committee. The shop was checked and it turned out that the price had been increased for no reason. The Minsker was able to buy the refrigerator at the old price and saved two millions.

Minsk City Executive Committee has decided to enhance the price control so that sellers would not be tempted to increase the prices. Officials have promised to control online shops too. Sellers will be fined, Yemelyanava added.

Photo: kp.by