Minsk population may decrease by 300 thousand people

Photo: pixabay.com

The population of Minsk may decrease by 300 thousand people and Belarus’ population – by 1 million people by 2050. Yet, the scenario will be possible only if the demographic situation does not change. The numbers have bene announced at the I Belarusian Developer Forum, realt.by reports.

The growth of capital will be slowing down in the next 3 decades, Minskgrad chief architect Alyaksadnr Akentsyeu said. At the same time, Minsk satellite cities will be developing faster. The population living within Minsk ring road #2 will increase by 110 thousand people. The construction of Vyaliki Kamen will result in the population growth by 150 thousand people.

Since the centre of the capital is already a dense settlement, new houses will be built along the second ring road, on the territories of former enterprises and military towns.

Minsk’s 2 millionth citizen is expected to be born at the end of 2019.