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Minsk city paid Br3.5m for Kamsamolskaya Street reconstruction

Kamsamolskaya Street / Euroradio archives

The reconstruction of Kamsamolskaya Street in Minsk cost 3.5 million roubles, head of Minsk City Executive Committee Anatol Sivak told The sum of $1.1 million (Br 2.2 million) was mentioned earlier. 

Almost all metallic elements installed in Kamsamolskaya Street (cast-iron columns, chains, storm drains and bench legs) became rusty in spring, Euroradio reported. 

Sivak commented on the decoration of the street: “Everything is prone to criticism as there is no standard point of view. Assessing an architect’s talent may take time.”  

A new chief architect is about to be appointed in Minsk, the Mayor said. Chief architect Alyaksei Martynau quit the position after a month for personal reasons. His predecessor Pavel Luchynovich is detained on suspicion of bribe-taking. 

"A new candidate is being selected. Most likely, the position will be taken by a woman,” Sivak noted.