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Minsk Burger King may be punished for not understanding Belarusian

Photo: archives

Minsk Burger King is expecting a trial for violating the law on languages. Minsker Anatol Novikau addressed a cashier in Belarusian and she replied that she did not understand him.

The customer asked for help but the administrator announced that the restaurant employees did not have to speak Belarusian. Novikau left a remark in Belarusian in the book of complaints. He received a reply in Russian which is a violation of the law on citizens’ appeals. Anatol Novokau described the incident on Facebook.   

The indignant customer lodged a complaint to Minsk City Executive Committee. His appeal was considered by Minsk Central District Administration that replied in Belarusian: an administrative report has been drawn up against the owner of the restaurant (creation of obstacles to using one of the state languages). The case has been sent to court. If the employee of Burger King is returned guilty, she may be fined for 4-10 amounts (92-230 roubles).