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Ministry of Agriculture: It was an isolated instance of anthrax


The nidus of anthrax has been liquidated and it was an isolated instance, deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Nutrition, director of the Veterinary Inspectorate Ivan Smilhin told BELTA.

"There was an isolate instance of anthrax in the village of Hotamel, Stolin District. The nidus of the infection has been liquidated and preventive measures are being taken now: the cattle is being disinfected and vaccinated (sheep, horses, goats and cows). The vaccination will be completed today,” the official stressed.

Anthrax was found in a horse in the village of Hotamel, Stolin Distrtic, Brest Region, Euroradio reported earlier.

All the persons who contacted the infected animal have been revealed and their health condition is being monitored, deputy Minster of Healthcare and chef state sanitary physician Natallya Zhukava said. Specialists have visited all the villagers and found those who could have contacted the infected horse. “All of them have undergone numerous medical check-ups and their health condition is being monitored every day. The people who were in close contact with the animal are undergoing antibiotic prophylaxis,” she added.

The incubation period for humans is over, Zhukava stressed. It means that nobody has bene infected. However, the incubation period for animals continues and specialists are monitoring the situation. 

The pasture where the horse grazed is not being used at the moment.

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