Milinkevich: New bloc will not compete with UDF


Representatives of pro-democracy forces in Belarus has signed an agreement to found the Belarusian Pro-Independence Bloc.
The new political grouping includes eight political organizations: Party of Belarusian Popular Front, Movement for Freedom, Belarusian Christian Democracy, Youth Front, Young Democrats, Together Movement, Right Alliance. Alexander Milinkevich, the leader of Movement for Freedom, says the new bloc is not going to compete with UDF (United Pro-Democracy Forces).

"We are not going to compete with anyone. We have worked for the sake of democracy and human rights. Our goal is "pro", not "contra".

Commenting to Radio Svaboda, Liavon Barshcheuski said that BIB is a capitulation project without political goals and a program. Alexander Milinkevich vows to present a political program.

"We have a clear position. The program will also be there if we are to run for presidency. I think that the position of people like Dashkevich or Seviarynets can hardly be described as treason. They have deserved respect for their stance. I regret that Liavon degrades to labels. This is not a style of high politics".