Milinkevich lost, Pollick elected Rector - EHU


Here is what Aliaksandr Milinkevich wrote on his Facebook page on April 8:

"I have received an official letter regarding the results of the EHU Rector elections. I wish EHU success. There will be the first Belarusian National University! The sooner, the better," wrote the leader of the movement For Freedom.

"Dear Dr. Milinkevich, 
We are writing to let you know that at the corresponding meeting last week Governing Council of the EHU recommended and GAPO confirmed the appointment of Dr. David Pollick (Alex David Pollick) as the new rector of the EHU. The official announcement of the appointment will be done at the University in a short while, but we wanted you to hear about the decision from us,"
said the letter.

The letter was signed by the Chairman of the EHU Governing Board Daniel Tarschys and his deputy, Dan Davidson.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by Euroradio,the likely Rector David Pollick refused to hold that office. The reason being the low salary. The EHU administration would neither confirm nor deny the American rejecting the Rector position, but they promised to publish the exact results of the election. They only noted that, currently, Rector David Pollick is on vacation.

Among the participants of the elections of the EHU Rector were Professor Tatstsiana Shchittsova, politician and public figure Aliaksandr Milinkevich and Acting Rector David Pollick.