Mikhalevich: I want back to Belarus but don't want to sit in jail


Mikhalevich: "I didn't have high expectations that something positive would come out of this, but lawyers are kind people that usually want to exhaust all possible legal remedies. Since I can file an appeal seeking to close my criminal case, I have done so and received a reply that they cannot close it unless I show up in Belarus."

But the politician is not keen to return to Belarus. It remains dangerous, since the case is not closed. Otherwise, nothing - his business project abroad or weak hopes for a political career - will refrain him from returning, according to Mikhalevich.

Euroradio reminds that Ales Mikhalevich, like most of presidential candidates, was detained in the night of December 20, 2010. He was released on recognizance from a KGB detention center one month later. He organized a press conference to share his experience about tortures in pretrial detention. In March 2011, Mikhalevich secretly fled Belarus and was granted political asylum in the Czech Republic. Mikhalevich was detained for several times in foreign airports as a person wanted by Belarusian authorities via Interpol but would be eventually released after involvement of political authorities.

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