MFA explains complications in getting a Schengen visa


Mr Savinykh noted in his speech on the CTV TV-channel that the Belarusian Ministry for Foreign affairs plans to hold talks with the European Union on the simplification of the visa issuance procedure. However, EU's representatives link these talks with the signing of the agreement on readmission. This means that the EU will deport illegal immigrants who arrive from the territory of Belarus and our country will be obliged to accept, maintain and later deport them further. 

According to Mr Savinykh, this leads to serious expenses and possible social problems. He underlined that Belarus is not a source of illegal migration but a transit country.

"Before signing such an agreement with the European Union, we need to elaborate a system of agreements with the countries that are the sources of illegal migration," the diplomat said. He added that this is a very complicated process that requires a lot of work. It slows down the negotiations with the European Union on the visa procedures simplification.