Memorial BPR sign may appear in Mahileu


Youth activists, BNF and historians are starting a campaign to commemorate the Belarusian People’s Republic in Mahileu.
They are collecting signatures to persuade the local authorities into installing a memorial sign on the building of the regional museum in Soviet Square. The decision to recognise the BPR was taken by the Belarusian National Committee in that building in the summer of 1918. Mahileu is the only city to have officially recognized the People’s Republic.

The main symbol of the city – the town hall – has been restored with the help of Mahileu inhabitants recently. Historical names have been returned to some streets too – Firemen Lane instead of K.Libkneht Street, Vilenskaya Street instead of Lazarenka Street. That is why civil activists hope that the campaign will be a success and are going to continue it to restore Mahielu history.