Medvedev urges Belarus to stop “milk and meat hysterics”

The Belarusian authorities should solve economic problems with Russia with the help of bilateral contacts and stop politicizing them and “going into hysterics”. The statement has been made by the Russian President Dmitrii Medvedev at a press conference in Moscow. RIA “Novosti” reminds that the Belarusian delegation did not the CSTO summit on June 14, and explained this step by Russia’s “economic discrimination” in connection with the milk issue.

According to Medvedev, Russia takes Belarus’ refusal to attend the CSTO summit in its stride. The Russian President has expressed a hope that “the milk and meat hysterics” will not spoil the work on the creation of the Collective Forces of Efficient Reaction.

He has called the milk conflict between Russia and Belarus a technical issue that can be solved very quickly to avoid its politicalization.

Dmitrii Medvedev has reminded that Russia is allocating huge financial resources to Belarus and that Belarus’ export to Russia makes up to 93% of the whole export of meat and milk.