Healthy Belarusian forces need to take over Immortal Regiment - activist

Anton Matolka

Some participants of “Immortal Regiment” managed to privatize this mourning action with the help of the portraits of Lenin and Stalin, Saint George's ribbons, Putin T-shirts and DPR and LPR symbols. The action needs to be ‘privatized’ to remove this political orientation for “the Russian world” ideas and dependence on the Kremlin, civil activist and one of the organizers of Freedom Day-2018 Anton Matolka told Euroradio.

“Nobody will allow civil activists to privatize an action dated for such an important day for the Belarusian ideology – the victory in the Great Patriotic War. As soon as such civil activists like Pavel Belarus or Eduard Palchys join the action, the authorities will find a reason forbid it. However, it may be privatized and it will be done by the President’s Administration, ideologists and KGB. It may sound funny, but they are our only hope. It is a great security failure this year since nobody stopped the giving out of those ‘Colorado beetle’ ribbons."

Interview with Anton Matolka: