Marchyk: They started beating us when we were filming


Syarhei Marchyk and Yury Vysotski were detained and beaten in Cherkasy. The building of the local administration was under assault there and Automaidan cars had just arrived from Kiev. However, the riot police dispersed the protesters.

Berkut members were beating protesters and firing point-blank with rubber bullets, Syarhei Marchyk said. Marchyk was filming it all including a Berkut member run over by some car. He turned over in the air several times and fell on the ground. “We started filming people rendering medical assistance to him. Some other Berkut member tried to push me away. Then they started beating me. My colleague tried to defend me,” Syarhei Marchyk said.

They were attacked from behind. Berkut members started beating them with sticks and shouting “Kneel!”, Belsat journalist Yury Vysotski  said. They did not even pay attention to the fact that they were journalists. Syarhei Marchyk was severely beaten – 11 stitches were put on his head.

Vysotski went to the police to get his camera back after he had been released. However, he was detained again. He stayed in the police office until 6 a.m. and the policemen did not explain him the reason for his detention. He felt bad and dizzy. Yury was released 2.5 hours later. They did not explain anything and did not return the camera.