Makei: We want no more foreign military bases in Belarus


Belarus does not want to be a source of tension in the region and is not posing any threat, Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei announced at the first conference of Belarus’ honorary consuls, BELTA reports.

Belarus is being shown as a threat to its neighbours due to our close relations with Moscow, he said.

"When you are artificially being shown as a threat to our neighbours – Ukraine, the Baltic states or Poland – because of Belarus’ close relations with Russia… When you start justifying yourself, it only makes you look guilty. We would like to announce: Belarus has never posed a threat to any country and never will. We do not want to start a war against anyone. We do not want any additional foreign military bases on the Belarusian territory because we understand that our foreign partners may respond to it and it will result in tension. Belarus does not want to be a source of tension,” the Minister stressed.

Belarus is the only Post-Soviet country that has not been involved in any armed conflicts so far. It seems that the Minister does not consider Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to be post-Soviet states.