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Mahiliou students checked for extremism


Students of the Mahilou State University are being tested for extremist or nationalistic tendencies. The questionnaire is to be filled by every student. It contains questions about the attitude to the unauthorized protests. The survey is anonymous, but the faculty and the year must be specified.

Telegram channel “Expelled”

On March 27, the photo of the questionnaire appeared in the “Expelled” telegram channel. Representative of the youth educational department of the  Mahiliou University confirmed that they were asking students uncomfortable questions.

"There are different questions, says the head of the department Lyudmila Nabokava. Among them there are questions about a healthy lifestyle,  questions related to the student life. We uncover problem issues and work to increase the effectiveness of educational work."

The official assured that it was all just to improve the legal literacy of students, nothing more and they do not prohibit anything, but conduct informational work.

The university adds that the questions for the survey are developed by themselves, and all the results are exclusively for internal use.