Lyavon Volski’s American impressions


Lyavon Volskі has returned from America. The musician tells us what he was doing there and describes the audience he met.

Lyavon Volskі: “There were a few Americans and many young Belarusians at the concert in the “Hook” club in New-York. They were students or political refugees who are now working in America.

I received a warm welcome: there are not many Belarusian events taking place there. The other event took place in California. I just met people at the beach, there were about 30 or 40 people and we organized a small, quiet party. I cannot say whether I liked the way everything was organized but all went off smoothly”.

Mara Nalshanskaya: “Did the American audience have a chance to hear new songs of N.R.M?”

Lyavon Volskі: “Certainly not, because I was alone. There were musicians from Novopolotsk who have to stay in the US at the moment. They accompanied most popular songs of „ Krambambulya”, N.R.M. and Zet. But the new album is to be presented with the help of the whole group in Warsaw somewhere after May 10”.

Mara Nalshanskaya: “When will the new album be presented to Belarusians?”

Lyavon Volskі: “It is very hard to tell because we have problems with organization of concerts and the problems are not caused by the group. Of course we will try to present the album but it’s hard to say when and where”.

I also asked Lyavon if he was going to continue visiting the US. Contracts, future concerts…

Lyavon Volskі: “We do not have any contracts and most likely there will not be any.. But it is necessary to visit this country from time to time because there are a lot of good Belarusians there and they like listening to our music. We went there to discuss some kind of exchange in order to help other Belarusian groups to visit the US. And I think we did it – there are people wishing to organize it.

I am interested in N.R.M. and “Krambambulya” most of all but such groups as „ Palats”, „Krama”, and Neuro Dubel” will also be given their chance and after we have organized the first two concerts.

In the photo: Lyavon Volskі after having received one of the small rock crowns in 2006.

Photo by Mіkalai Karnyaichuk.