Lyapis Trubetskoy rock band presents new Belarusian album


The band Lyapis Trubetskoy presented their first album ever with the Belarusian lyrics. The CD was named 'Hraj'. It contains 12 tracks composed in different life periods, with a wide range of emotions, moods and views.

The band's frontman Syarhei Mikhalok dedicates this album to the people who 'break the stereotype of Belarusians as patient, quiet, calm and hard-working people who don't like any changes. Belarusians can be bold, noisy, loud, some of them can have no fear in showing who they are, don't want to live sensibly, but want to be the athletes who decide on their own destinies. They act, fight, achieve and surprise every day in various spheres of life.'

There are only two new songs in 'Hraj' - 'Mesiac' and 'Sonejka'. Justin Schturz, who cooperated with Slipknot, Paramore and other rock stars, worked on the tracks specially for the LP. Syarhei Mikhalok confessed after re-mastering in the studio Sterling Sound in New York that he 'heard the parts that went absolutely unnoticed before' in the songs.

The album 'Hraj' will be presented in Vilnius at Siemens Arena. stadium on November 30. Before the date, the album will be released on CD, vinyl and special mp-3 players Lyapis Crew.