Lyabedzka suggests referendum on three issues


Anatol Lyabedzka is going to propose the new Political Council of the United Democratic Forces to organize a national referendum. The UCP leader would like to ask Belarusians about three issues: attitude to the total cancellation of social guarantees for different categories of people, to the contract system and to the building of a nuclear power plant in Belarus. “Lukashenka and his adherents claim that we have a super democracy in Belarus and that everything is decided by the people. It’s time to prove these words”, – quotes the site According to the leader of UCP, if an issue concerns millions of people is should be settled taking into account the opinion of Belarusian citizens.

Anatol Lyabedzka thinks that it is necessary to organize an open discussion on the three questions on all Belarusian TV channels. He noted that experts from the united democratic forces were ready to express their opinion and present their arguments.