Lukashenka’s guards get new homes (PHOTO)


The block of flats in Tushkevichau Street, 19 will welcome its inhabitants on Friday, October 24. The President’s guards will be among them. The state leader is going to attend the festive opening ceremony.

Inhabitants of the microdistrict Mihalova-1 told Euroradio that workers were painting the road leading to the new block of flats. Somebody noticed that they were wearing shoe covers on the territory.

We arrived on the spot. Workers were evening the ground with spades. Grass and trees will be planted there in spring.

The pavement near the house was really clean. It looked impeccable but we did notice any paint there. It had probably been washed and workers had been using shoe covers so that they would not have spoilt the cleanliness before the arrival of ‘distinguished guests’. The grass was not painted either.