Lukashenka sells “Motavela” plant to Austrians


The state has sold about 93% of shares of the “Motavela” plant to an Austrian company “АТЕС Holding GmbH” for almost 24 million dollars. The buyer should present a 20 million USD guarantee of investments in the enterprise.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka signed the order on July 26, 2007. According to the document, the Belarusian government has to sign the sales contract till September 1.

The treaty will be signed on condition of preserving the plant’s specialization and trade mark. Moreover, the buyer will have to pay the plant’s 18.3 billion BRB debt to the state.

The money gained as result of the deal is planned to be given to the budget Fund of National development. A small part of it will be given to Minsk budget.