Lukashenka: Information Minister is a hot position (video)


She has performed the ministerial duties since early June, after Aleh Pralyaskouski’s dismissal. Before this, she used to be a deputy minister for many years.

At the meeting with Lilia Ananich, Alyaksandr Lukashenka expressed hope that she would bring something new to the ministry’s work as a new minister.

Lukashenka: “I have a strong hope that you know all the shortcomings and will run the ministry so that neither you nor the country feel ashamed. You are taking a heavy burden on your shoulders at such difficult times. It has never been easy. This is not just a key position, this is a hot position.”

The state leader underlined the most important demand to the new minister: the whole structure should be well-oiled and work “like a clockwork”.