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Lukashenka replies to Euroradio questions during 'Big Talk'

Euroradio's Zmicier Lukashuk getting ready to ask questions.

On March 1, during the 'Big Talk,' Euroradio correspondent Zmicier Lukashuk asked Alyaksandr Lukashenka a question. President Lukashenka's answer lasted forty minutes. It all started with Lukashuk being interrupted by the journalist of the Belarusian Radio's First Channel. Answering his question, the head of Belarus inquired about how “European Radio” was different from “Belarusian Radio”.

“There is a state-owned Belarusian Radio and a non-state European Radio for Belarus. We are different in terms of information variety and presentation,” says Zmicier Lukashuk. Lika all the media outlets represented here, we are concerned with our country keeping its independence and sovereignty. Sometimes we criticize the authorities for certain decisions. Sometimes we praise them. But we do it constructively."

Then Alyaksandr Lukashenka answered questions.

Who in Russia plays against Belarus

You know as well as I do what forces attack us and when they do it. This is not what worries me the most, although it is also important. We must know our enemies by sight. But I’m more concerned about the problem, how ready are we today to defend ourselves. And in our kingdom, not everything is well. And your radio is evidence of that ... I ask how it was different from the Belarusian Radio for a reason.

We need to sort ourselves out. This is our common trouble. We will call you opposition. By the way, you need to analyze your programs ... I’ll see if you are as delicate as you say you are. We should unite to resist forces from the West or the East.


"Russia does not want to stage a coup here"

I want to draw a reverse parallel. Do you think Russia is bad? Russia does not want to lose Belarus. Russia does not want to stage a coup here, I'm sure of it. To have in Belarus something similar to what happened in Ukraine is impossible. And it will not happen here, at least with me in power.

About the Polish border near Minsk

I here that you are registered in Poland. I have a question: why are there are still maps in Poland with the Polish border passing near Minsk? It is a rhetorical question. Perhaps there are problems with the East, but still a bigger problem with the West. Russians do not place rockets behind Moscow in order to target Belarus. There is an information war in the world, and God forbid it should escalate into a local nuclear conflict.

About FM frequency for Euroradio

I remember the question about frequency for you.Then the answer was that there were no frequencies left. On the other hand, I think: if you are like Syaredzich, it will be tolerable, but listeing to Polish propaganda and looking at these borders near Minsk? You know, the frequency issue is not on the table.

About Belarusians with a quality mark

Are you offended when I say that Belarusians are Russians with a quality mark? Russians get offended at this for a laugh, as if I put them below Belarusians. But why are you offended? This was said in jest. Why are you so unfriendly towards Russians?

About the opposition

Why I say "the so-called opposition"? Some folks there are mad. They think they can start a war here, like in Ukraine, and capitalize on this. While I am President here, it will not happen! I will be the first to throw you into the fire of destabilization.

About national university

We have enough of Belarusian language and other subjects taught in high schools. Experts in the government had been exploring the issue of a Belarusian-language educational institution and did not come to the conclusion that it needs to be created. I agreed with them. I do not know why you are doing this, but probably not to strengthen Belarusianness.

About Russia and freeloaders

Do not blame us of being freeloaders. If they cooperate with us decently, Belarus will never be in isolation from Russia. Never!

About the celebration of Freedom Day at the "Dynamo" stadium

It will not happen! I can honestly tell you, and it will be heard by those who make decisions. We once raised the question why there is no place in Belarus where you can get together and talk. We have assigned the Bangalore Square [in Minsk] for this. When did we refuse? Please, do get together and celebrate. But why do you want to get to the Dynamo stadium? You know, this is a personal insult for me. I have invested so much in this stadium! We built it for the European Games. We want to showcase Belarus to the whole world. And you are trying to get into the stadium ... A centenary is a big date! You have celebrated it. This time, celebrate where you are told.

About the Stalinist executions in Kurapaty

We made a reassessment of values ​​at the level of the President. We are calmly moving in the direction of finding out what happened. Without propaganda. I was not President at that time. I need everything to be fair.

I gave orders to look into the Kurapaty issue. Put up a modest monument to the dead. To make something spiritual, without great expense, to immortalize this place. We will put the Kurapaty in order, be sure of this. Our people are buried there. I don’t feel like digging out people's bones to know if it was Germans or Stalinists who shot them. Stalinism, as it is presented, will not be found in Belarus. Look at other countries: millions died there. There will be no Stalinism in Belarus even under the “dictatorship of Lukashenka”.

About "almost friend" Clinton

The president of the then great power arrived in Belarus. My good ... almost friend. We still have a good relationship, if you should know.

About the "Let's Go Eat" restaurant 

Why are you so brutal to these entrepreneurs? It is almost half a kilometer away from Kurapaty. On the other hand, I, as a country man, think: a man comes to this monument with Iosif Syaredzich, sits on the bench where Clinton was sitting. They grieve about people dying there, go into the restaurant and drink a glass. That's how I see it. The restaurant will stay open like it did before. Nobody will close it.

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