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Lukashenka yields good harvest from his gardens

Alyaksandr Lukashenka /

Alyaksandr Lukashenka personally conducts agricultural experiments. He is trying out new techniques and cultures so that the best of them can be selected to be grown massively, the President’s press service reports. The press service published a report about Lukashenka’s experimental fields on Monday. A lot of high-quality grass was cut and the wheat yield reached 92 Centner/ha.  Fruit and berries that used to be considered exotic in Belarus not long ago are grown there.

The seeds of melons and gourds for the Belarusian leader’s experimental fields were delivered from Uzbekistan. 6 thousand young cherry, apricot, apple trees and vines have been brought to Brest Region from Central Asia this year.

Photos and videos of the harvesting campaign Lukashenka participated in were in that report. More than 120 tons has already been picked in his fields. The yield has reached 600 Centner/ha (the average yield in Belarus is 365 Centner/ha).


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