Lukashenka awards Star of Hero to Domracheva, calls her legend


Three-time Olympic champion Darya Domracheva has received the Star of the Hero of Belarus from the President.

"Nothing can express the feelings brought to us during Darya Domracheva’s performances,” BELTA quotes Alyaksandr Lukashenka. “Her strength, bravery and skills resulted in the triumph of a great sportswoman… Having won three gold medals at the Olympics, you have become a world sport legend, Dasha. Your success has been awarded with the title of the Hero of Belarus. We do not have many people like you.”

Darya Domracheva is 27 years old. She was born in Minsk and stared doing biathlon in Siberia where her parents worked. She also liked cross country ski race. Domracheva returned to Belarus in 2003. She has been a member of Belarus national team for 10 years. Darya Domracheva was awarded the title of the hero of Belarus during the Sochi Olympic Games.