Lawmaker who talked to entrepreneurs says he was decieved by police


Entrepreneurs that on December 10 organized a protest against president's decree No 760 on October Square in downtown Minsk today stood trials on charges of staging an unauthorized event. The leaders of "For a Free Development of Entrepreneurship" movement, Viktar Harbachou and Viktar Kryval, were sentenced to 15 days of arrest. Viktar Kaley and Aliaksandr Tsatsura received 10 days of arrest. Aliaksandr Makayeu was sentenced to 7 days of arrest.
Before being detained, a group of entrepreneurs yesterday managed to enter the House of the Government and to pass over a resolution with their demands. Anatol Paulovich, Chairman of the Industry, Energy, Transport, Communication ad Entrepreneurship Committee at the House of Representatives, came to talk to the entrepreneurs' envoys.

Citing a Police Colonel, he reassured the entrepreneurs that nobody would be detained and made an appointment with entrepreneurs for December 19. The European Radio for Belarus called Anatol Paulovich who is still expecting the detained entrepreneurs on December 19. Aliaksandr Makayeu could possibly make to the meeting on December 19, but he is scheduled on December 12 to face a new trial.

Anatol Paulovich: “When I was asked whether police were going to arrest the participants of the picket, I answered that I was not in the position to make this decision. A police colonel was standing nearby, and I asked him: "Colonel, if the entrepreneurs go home, will you detain them?" He answered: "No"…

I called the police department and asked them to treat those people soflty, because we agreed about a meeting. I was told that there was a law and that they would act in accordance with this law”.