Latvians undress for their land

Despite the freezing temperatures, about a dozen of Latvian patriots undressed in front of the Latvian Parliament in protest against the planned surrender of the Latvian territory Abrene to Russia.

Around 50 patriots gathered on Thursday morning in front of the Sejmas to protest the possible signing of a treaty on border with Russia without claiming the Abrene territory.

Although it was -17 C outside, over a dozen of protesters from the All to Latvia! party were standing without clothes.

The picketers shouted "My Honor is My People!" and "Freedom to Abrene!", etc.

We remind that Abrene is currently the Russian town of Pytalovo. This district belonged to Latvia till 1944.

There have been harsh debates in Latvia over this territory in the past several months, when the time has come for Latvia to confirm in writing that it has no territorial claims for this territory.

The Latvian President said recently that "Latvia should reconcile with the loss of Abrene".