Kyiv protesters confront Berkut fighters with mirrors (video)


The people recalled the events that happened at night on November 30, when the Maidan demonstration was dispersed and the participants were brutally beaten.

Dozens of people confronted Berkut fighters who were standing in the sealing in the governmental block. The protesters held... mirrors, which said "God, is it really me?". The participants of the action wanted the Berkut fighters to look into their own eyes, informs the TV-channel TSN.

The protest actions continue in Kyiv since November, caused by the refusal of the Ukrainian government to sign an Association agreement with the EU at the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. The Maidan of Independence became the center of resistance. The protesters demand discharge of Azarov's government, holding pre-term presidential election, signing of the agreement with the EU, and punishment of those guilty of Maidan dispersal that happened a month ago.