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Kurapaty defenders get attacked and beaten by masked people

Ales Kirkevich has been beaten. Photo:

About two dozen masked people attacked Kurapaty defenders between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on the night of February 22. They were shouting out “White race!”, made people lie down on the ground, beat them, destroyed the tent, tore off white-red-white flags and turned over the fire barrel, the press service of the Movement For Freedom reports. Then the attackers fled. There were about a dozen people at the camping at the moment of the attack.

15 or 20 attackers were shouting out the motto ‘Glory to Russia!’ and had pointed wooden sticks. They inured volunteer Ales Kirkevich on the head with a wooden club (in the photo). The attack lasted for about a minute. The masked strangers fled towards Kurapaty Tract.

The attack was a planned provocation, the activists believe. The policeman watching the defenders left an hour before the attack.


BPF Party leader Alyaksei Yanukevich and leader of the Young Front (registered in the Czech Republic) Zmitser Dashkevich visited the camping yesterday. There were about 20 defenders discussing their plans. They called the police.

Як паведамляла Еўрарадыё, якраз на сёння прадстаўнікоў фірмы "Белрэканструкцыя", якая ўзводзіць бізнэс-цэнтр каля Курапатаў, запрасілі на размову ў адміністрацыю Савецкага раёна. Забудоўшчыка папрасілі часова прыпыніць усе працы на пляцоўцы. Каля яе ўжо чацвёрты дзень адбываецца кругласутачная акцыя пратэсту. Грамадскія актывісты спрабуюць перашкодзіць будаваць бізнэс-цэнтр на месцы, не так даўно выведзеным з ахоўнай зоны мемарыялу. У Курапатах пахаваныя дзясяткі тысяч ахвяраў сталінскіх рэпрэсіяў.