Kastus Kalinouski festival cancelled in Astravets


However, a meeting was organized in the Committee after the information had been distributed on the Internet. The head of the Committee announced that it was necessary “to put off” the festival in connection with “the busy event schedule in the indicated period of time”. The organizers and regional ethnographers were unofficially told that there would be no festival at all.

 The festival dated for the 150th anniversary of Kalinowski Uprising had to be held on the bank of Lake Kaimina near Mihalishki on June 22-23. Bards Andrei Melnikau, Zmitser Bartosik, the bands PAWA and 1863 and literary men Usevalad Stseburaka and Hleb Labadzenka agreed to come. One of Minsk travel agencies even organized a special trip to the festival.

The organizers apologize for the circumstances beyond their control.

Photo: svaboda.org