Juries set for Rock Coronation musical award

The organizers of the Rock Coronation have approved a set of juries who will nominate and pick the winners of this national music award. Previously, the nominees and winners would be selected by a general board of experts. This time, a separate jury, a total of three dozens of musical critics, producers, journalists, managers, poets, musicians, VJs and radio DJs, has been assigned for different nominations.

For example, in the Heavy Music nomination, the jury comprises those who have the best expertise in this genre: Aliaksandr Litvinski, the permanent MS of heavy metal festivals and the author of a program titled Masa Brutto (Gross Weight) about the heavy metal music at the radio station Minsk, and Pavel Jarmak, a musician and the director of the Metallection web portal.

Pavel Kashyryn, the producer and co-organizer of the annual reggae festival, journalist Maksim Shumilin and the front-man of Addis Ababa band Zmicier Ivanou will name the best in the so called Positive Music nomination.

In the Light Music nomination (bards, chanson and cabaret), the jury will comprise producer Vital Supranovich, musical critic Anatol Mialguj and rock poet Michal Anempadystau.

The winners in the traditional nomination – Traditions and Today (ethno/folk/folk-rock/folk-modern/ancient music) will be determined by Aryna Viacorka, the producer of the Ancient Land project, Igar Znyk, the organizer of the Belarusian folk and rock concerts in Poland, and Aleg Khamenka, the front-man of the Palac band.

Siargej Milinouski, the chief editor of Antenna newspaper, journalist Maxim Zhbankou and TV presenter  Tamara Lisickaja will be responsible for the new nomination Pop-Rock.

The Hit of the Year will be judged by the representatives of the print and electronic media: Kacja Pytleva, the VJ of the First Musical Channel, Masha Jar, the author of the Kalja Roka program on AutoRadio, Aleg Klimau, the chief editor of the Musical Newspaper and Vecier Mekhanichny, the publisher of the Tuzin Hitou web portal.

The Singer of the Year will be selected by the visitors of the Tuzin Hitou portal. The voting starts on February 5! All the short-listed nominees are to be announced at a press conference and at the Tuzin Hitou portal on February 15.