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Judges rule days in jail over parasite tax protests

Photo: Artsiom Martynovich

The people detained after the authorized rally on March 15 in Minsk are on trial at Central District Court. 

Euroradio correspondent Artsiom Martynovich reports from the courtroom that the judges routinely sentence the detainees to various periods in jail. Aleh Vorsa and Artsiom Markin have received 12 days in jail each, Artsiom Salavey - 14 days in jail, Pavel Markov — 15 days. 

As it turned out in court Markov is a Russian citizen who came to Minsk. He claimed he did not participate in the action but was accidentally detained when the police operatives were dragging people out from the trolley-bus. Markov has gone on a hunger strike in protest. 

Alena Dubovik was sentenced to 12 days of arrest (Judge Valery Esman). She went on a hunger strike. Other rulings according to the press office of Central District Court: Belanohau - 14 days, Vyaryha - 12, Kuzniatsou - 12, Navumovich - 13, Nemik - 13, Audzeyenka - 12 days of arrest.

Maksim Kurtsou and Siarhei Vorsa received 12 days of arrest, according to human rights defenders. Maryna Dubina got 13 days of administrative arrest, Yauhen Dzevyatkouski - 15, LIzaveta Prakopchyk - 13, Siarhei Matskoits - 15 days of arrest.

The latest sentences include: Yury Pishchelin - 12 days, Aliaksandr Skurydzin - 12, Vasil Aucharenka - 14, Laryyonau - 12, Anastasia Ranko - 12 days of arrest.