Jan Barszczewski’s grave found in Ukraine (photo)


The grave of famous 19th-century Belarusian-Polish writer Jan Barszczewski has been found in Chudnovo, Zhymotir Oblast, Ukraine, chudnivnews.in.ua reports.

The grave has been found in the yard of a private house. The owner of the house was digging a trench for a gas pipe in 2002 or 2003 when he discovered a large plate made of cast iron. It was 50 cm under the ground. The plate weighed 30-35 kilos.

Jan Barszczewski

It spent 10 years near a cattle-shed before the owner of the house decided to use it when paving the yard. The rust disappeared with time and an inscription became visible. The family though that it was in German. However, their daughter Alena (a fourth-former) decided to search for information about the plate on the Internet. 

Most likely, this plate was placed on the grave of Belarusian-Polish writer Jan Barszczewski: he spent his last years in Chudnovo. He died there in 1851. 

Jan Barszczewski’s best-known work is Nobleman Zawalnia, or Belarus in Fantastic Stories