J-MORS release tape album

On February 15, the final of the first part of the Wonderful Seven reality show took place in attendance of the Belarusian music stars.

The front-man of the popular Minsk-based band J-MORS, Uladzimir Pugac was also there to compete for the best title in mountain skiing. But, we will get back to this later, because there is yet another newsmaker.

The band’s latest album “Bosikom po mostovoj” (Bare-footed on a Pavement), which has become the most successful one in J-MORS’s history, has been released on audio tapes.

We asked the band’s manager Ruslan Starykouski why they picked this medium and not the reels or vinyl.

“Firstly, whatever is released on tapes has already been issued on CDs. Historically, a certain part of people in this country and probably in the other countries, too, is still using audio tapes.

Even in expensive cars, tapes remain the main medium. I will not name those people in Minsk who drive posh cars with tape players…Funny as it might seem, tapes are still used to listen to music.

It is a reissue of what has already been released on CDs in the tape format in order to reach out to those who do not have CD players, MP3-players, etc.

If we had a recording company that would produce vinyl discs, we would definitely hit the top ten customers. If tomorrow somebody offers us to release an album in BlueTooth or any other new technologies, why not?” he said.

The band’s hit collection “My Son: A True Story 2000-2005” will also be released on tapes. The band will also continue talks over the distribution on tapes of the other official albums “Montevideo” and “April”.

Finally, let’s go back to the final stage of the reality show I started my report with. We asked Ruslan who was the winner how Uladzimir Pugach performed. The J-MORS leader was ranked third or forth.

Alesja was the winner and we congratulate her with the victory. The show is soon to be screened on Lad channel. The new stage of the Wonderful Seven is to kick off soon, with other entertainment stars to compete for the first position in synchronous swimming or biathlon.

Photo by westrecords.by